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Keterangan Iklan

Dear valuable customer,

We are an importer and general trading company in Jakarta Selatan that supply Cement Conductive “SAN EARTH M5C” product from USA with the competitive price.

Applications :
•Electric transmission and distribution towers
•Power plant grounding grids
•Microwave towers
•Substation ground systems
•Surge protection systems
•Cathodic protection systems
•Central office switches
•Cellular systems
•Computer systems
•Fiber optics
•Radio transmission towers
•Central office DC power
•Satellite ground stations

SAN EARTH Benefits :
•Reduces resistance to ground by up to 50%
•Lowers surge impedance significantly
•Environmentally safe
•Provides ideal contact with the surrounding soil
•Improves personnel safety conditions
•Reduces corrosion in grounding conductors
•Easy to install anywhere
•Improves surge protection device performance
•Cost efficient and maintenance free
•Prevents conductor theft

For further more information please don’t hesitate to contact us at 0812 8110 2690 or to our email address: penangkalpetir85@yahoo.com

We are waiting your inquiry soon, thank you.

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