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Jual Geo Fennel FL 500HV-G


Keterangan Iklan

FL 500HV-G
The versatile grade laser for interiors and exteriors

The latest generation of our dial-in Dual Axis Graden Lasers with the following features:

Fully automatic self-levelling in horizontal, vertical and grade
Slope functions:
Digital grade setting of X and Y axis up to ±10%
Manual slope setting of X and Y axis
Direction of X axis can be set up to ±10% with Y axis self-levelled
Direction of X and Z axis can be set manually
Automatic TILT function
VWS function (Vibration-Wind-Security)
Rotation will not be stopped due to light ground and wind vibrations (combined with TILT function)
Fully functional 9 Channel 2 way RF remote control
Li-Ion battery technology: 100% power until fully discharged, no memory effect, no self-discharge, top-up charging possible
4-step scanning function
Illuminated display

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