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Jual SkyScan Storm Pro 2


Keterangan Iklan

The completely re-designed Storm Pro2 storm tracking system uses advanced charging circuitry to eliminate the need for costly battery purchases.

The new Intelicharge technology allows the use and charging of the Storm/Pro2 anywhere in the world.

Storm distances are now automatically displayed in both Miles and Kilometers making this new system the most versatile portable storm tracking device ever made.

The Storm/Pro2 with Intelicharge is available in multiple housing colors including Safety Yellow, Carbon Tech and Camouflage.


Tracks dangerous thunderstorm activity from over 125 miles.
Large backlit LCD display with over 50 storm status updates, including: Storm Distance, ETA and Time to Clear.
Automatically displays in both Miles and Kilometers.
Visual and Audible storm warning alerts.
Rechargeable on any current and plug configuration in the world.
Low battery indicator.

URL: http://http;//www.solusitech.com

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